Written Spanish: idea and drafting

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Olalla Marañón, María Antonia, Úcar Ventura, Pilar

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Fecha edición 2017
Autores Olalla Marañón, María Antonia, Úcar Ventura, Pilar
Colecciones Colecciones, Biblioteca Comillas, Educación
Materias Materias, Sociedad y Ciencias Sociales, Educación y Pedagogía


This text presents an explanatory synthesis of the main competence tools needed to create a written message in its different forms or models, while at the same time indicates not only correct linguistic patterns, but also the main mistakes made in writing, which have to be avoided for a precise essay.

Outlines and mind maps are presented together with theoretical concepts, to try to sum up, as a graphic synthesis, the main steps to achieve correct communication in the writing process.

Writing is not a survival tool, but a social value, especially in university and business worlds. More and more, graduates are asked for good writing skills, not onlyfor their job interviews, but also for their future professional careers.